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About Me

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I love Disney World.

You couldn't figure that out from the blog title, could you?

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you want to know a little bit more about me.

I visited Disney World for the first time almost thirty years ago (thankfully not thirty, yet, I'm not ready to be that old!). We had moved to the Tampa, Florida area and between the daytrip drive and Florida resident discounts, we could afford to go! It was always just day trips when I was young but several of them. From where we lived, we could take a school field trip, even, and we did.

Before high school we moved and I only went to Disney World one other time until I was an adult. That was ok, I had been. It was fun but "been there, done that."

Then in 2009 my husband and I wanted to take an anniversary trip. We had gotten married at spring break (he was in graduate school) so it had always been difficult. The weather wasn't nice, yet, where we lived and it was so expensive to go some place that was really warm. But that year we really wanted a vacation. And turns out Disney World was "on sale." Well, we went a month before our anniversary and it was on sale.

I'll be honest, I thought I'd be disappointed. I had this image in my mind of Main Street from an adult point of view. I was sure it would be obvious the buildings were just fronts and they'd be a bit smaller than life size. You know, good enough for kids but obviously fake to adults. And then I had been a lot of times. I had done everything. OK, not everything. Animal Kingdom didn't open until after my last trip. But it was just a fancy, zoo, right? I had been to Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Wow, was I wrong.

It was so much better than I remembered. It was bigger, and cleaner (yes, cleaner), and there was LOTS I hadn't done. And Animal Kingdom, well, at the moment it might be my favorite park. Zoo my foot.

It was so great, I had to come back. In fact, I determined on that trip that we had to become DVC members. Because I loved going to Disney World so much, and staying on-site, that I needed to make it as easy as possible.

Fast forward and we're now happy DVC owners, currently annual passholders (let's hope we can keep that up, especially using them enough to justify the cost!), and big Disney fans, all four of us. To top it off, I really love planning my Disney vacations. That's how this blog was born.

But there's been an interesting twist, recently. I am a professional genealogist. Last year I started blogging to try and find an alternative income source where I could work with my kids in the room (at the time, both were in preshcool). Turns out genealogy blogging just really isn't profitable. The market is too small and also genealogists are cheap (I know, I am one).

I love blogging so when we planned a spur-of-the-moment Disney trip, I decided I would be visiting Disney World enough to blog about planning my trips.

So that's a little bit about me and this is the DIScierge blog, your Disney concierge for Personalized, DIStinctive, Disney World planning.

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