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5 Easy & Colorful Disney Home Projects to Make

I love having some special Disney home decor so we keep the magic going between vacations. But sticking with merchandise from the parks can get expensive. A DIY project can really fit the budget.

Easy DIY craft projects featuring five Disney home decor projects | | Your Disney Vacation Planning Concierge

Rather than give you an overwhelming list of "100 of the..." I'm sticking with five picks and in a very specific type of DIY project, home decor.

I'll be honest, I totally went for projects that caught my eye. So, I ended up with two coaster projects. However, either could also be used as a decoration. The ceramic coasters could be made on larger tiles (anyone else thinking hexagons?) or the felted project made larger (and wool can take the heat so it can be a trivet, not just a coaster).

Without further chit-chat, here are five easy DIY Disney home decor projects.

DIY Moana Heart of Te Fiti Glitter Jar Craft, from Mama Cheaps

Easy DIY home decor projects, craft #1, Moana Heart of Te Fiti Glitter Jar | tutorial from Mama Cheaps

This is an easy vinyl project for someone that does NOT have an electronic cutting machine. I HATE cutting by hand, not surprisingly, I'm now on my third electronic cutter (loved each one, just had to upgrade for more features!).

This design is even something I'd attempt with scissors so it's certainly easy. If you've never put vinyl on glass for a project, make sure you get a flat sided jar. Working on curves is hard. Working on a sphere is extremely hard (been there, done that, rather wished I hadn't!)

Mickey Mouse Pom Pom Garland, from Disney Family

Easy DIY home decor projects, craft #2, Mickey Mouse Pom Poms from Disney Family

This is easy AND cheap, win win. You might even have all the supplies already. I love that you could also use this technique for clothing or accessories.

DIY Disney Inspired Coasters, from The Mouse and the Monorail

Easy DIY home decor projects, craft #3. From the Mouse and the Monorail, DIY Disney Inspired Coasters

These are soooo cute and come with a free printable. Easy!

You can also use this technique with items like your park maps so you have a DIY keepsake.

DIY Mickey Decor, from Glued to My Crafts

Easy DIY home decor projects, craft #4, DIY Mickey Decor, from Glued to My Crafts

I saw several DIY frames but this one was so simple yet so striking. I'd actually glue buttons on because my painting skills leave a lot to be desired (and I always have a lot of spare buttons).

Wool Felt Ball Mickey Coasters, from Disney Family

Easy DIY home decor projects, craft #5, Wool Felt Ball Mickey Coaster, from Disney Family

I really love this craft but the supplies may leave you wondering, "where do I get it?"

You can buy wool for felting at a craft store or use old wool sweaters (i.e. hit the thrift store). If you want these vibrant colors, you'll probably need to get wool for crafts (but hey, maybe in colder places it's easy to find colorful wool sweaters at the thrift store. I live in the south, it's hard to find wool anything, anywhere!).

Make sure you get wool for felting or 100% wool (dry clean only). Washable wool won't felt! The way you felt is essentially by washing, so if a sweater is meant to survive washing, it won't work for this.

100% wool yarn will also work if your craft supply place doesn't have wool for felting. I have never made felted balls so I don't know how much harder it would be to use a sweater or yarn than the directions imply. I have felted crochet projects and it's not hard. Just a little disclaimer since I told you these were "easy" projects.

If you've tried any of these projects, why not leave a comment. Do you have a tutorial for an easy Disney home decor DIY project? Leave a link in the comment so everyone can check it out!

Easy DIY craft projects, roundup featuring five Disney home decor projects. Make your home a Disney home. | Easy Disney crafts, DIY home decor. | #DisneyCrafts #disneydiy

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