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How to Keep Cool in the Disney Parks

After writing about the snacks to pack for your car trip to Disney, I’m (a) hungry and (b) inspired to make recommendations for a few “essentials.”

If you’ve ever had leaky coolers, warm water bottles, or strewn snack cups, you’re in the right place. These are the handful of “little snackers” essentials I’m covering today.

Lunch boxes and theme park trips both need good water bottles. Strollers need leak-less coolers and functional snack cups. Here you'll find reviews for all these items, whether your having fun at Disney or just at school, the ballpark, or around down.

This post contains affiliate links.
We had a few pleasant surprises with the “cool” items we brought with us so I wanted to share our success.

How to Save Money & Time on Vacation

Could your family break the bank with their snacking habits? Do you just want to walk from one place to another without having to stop to buy food?

That’s my kids. They barely eat, until we’re in the car or passing all those food kiosks inside a Disney park. It gets both expensive and time-consuming, fast.

Luckily, you can bring food into the Disney Parks. And you should, because it’s hot and you need to eat and drink regularly.

The Worst Mistake Disney Newbies Make

I love to plan but there's nothing I hate more, especially on vacation, than being over-scheduled.

That is sooooo easy to do at Walt Disney World.

There are so many amazing things to do and you want to avoid long waits (or no seats) so you get your FastPasses and dining reservations. And then...

Yup, you're over-scheduled.

Even if you are a "no-plan" vacationer, at Disney you can have some serious disappointment. Everyone else got their FastPasses and dining reservations and now you can't get in to do what you want.

Over-scheduled or locked out?

Are those your only choices? No!

Luckily, it's pretty easy to manage either situation and avoid the mistake of bad (or no) planning.

Helpful Vacation Freebie for the Week Before Your Vacation

It's the week of your vacation! What do you have to do? Oh my goodness! What DO you have to do?

Printable Vacation To-Do List for the Week Before Your Vacation

You've got to pack the toddler's clothes (don't forget the diapers!). Stop the mail. Drop the dog at the kennel. Pack some snacks. Run to the store for a new day bag (you did remember the strap broke on your old one, right?). Then it's...

I can't do your prep for you but I can provide you with a pretty printable to help you stay organized and get your to-dos, done (and hopefully feel the magic, not a ton of stress).

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