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Review: Mickey Waffles at Home

Who wants Mickey Waffles?

This post contains affiliate links. The Disney Food Blog posted how to make (legit) Mickey Waffles at home. Really?!

Aside from the unobtainable waffle iron, all it takes is the right mix. Yeah! A Mix! I followed the link in the DFB post and then I found I could get the mix cheaper at Amazon. So, I had Mickey-less Mickey Waffles for breakfast this weekend. I love Prime shipping.

Was it as simple as using the appropriate mix? Yup. I thought my waffles might have been a bit drier but I'm not positive (I eat mine doused in strawberries so it's hard to be sure). It could be a difference in the pan, or even the cooking spray, or maybe the Disney waffles sitting before they're served; it was pretty minimal.
Your Waffle Iron You do know your waffle iron will make the biggest difference in texture, right? The first waffle iron we had when we were married was a hand-me-down from my parents. I don't know why my mother had a second waffle iron. We had a…

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