Are You "Fit" for Your Disney World Vacation?

So this post is not a topic I originally would have thought I'd be writing. But this was one of my surprises on my last trip. So think of this post like your best friend coming back from a trip and saying "you won't believe what happened to me" and what she also means is, "I can't believe this happened to me, don't let it happen to you!"

Do you need to get in shape before your Disney vacation? | | Your Disney Vacation Planning Concierge

If you're not sure what the title of this post really means, I mean, are you in good enough physical shape for your Disney World vacation?

Top 5 Disney Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

Your first trip to Disney World is probably a big deal, and a big financial investment! This can add a whole new level of intensity to your vacation planning and execution. There are some common newbie mistakes associated with intense vacationing and they can really ruin what would otherwise be a pleasant trip.
Don't make these 5, easy to avoid, newbie mistakes! | DIScierge | DIStinctive Disney World vacation planning help

Make sure you're not making these mistakes in your zeal to plan the perfect Disney World vacation!

Disney Dining: Exercise in Frustration or Planner's Heaven?

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Today I'm sharing a printable I'm pretty excited about. This is the Disney Dining Reservation Planner (if you're into the acronyms, you could instead call this an "ADR Planner").

This printable is actually two parts. First is a "worksheet." The worksheet gathers all your basic information before you get it organized. If you're experienced planning ADRs, you probably don't need this, but it will keep all your basics on one page. The second part is the actual planner.

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